BRΞATHΞRΞUM is an NFT project that will both mesmerise and relax. The music is derived from the Music Guided Breathing App and incorporates a visual to guide breathing. Most objects are spheres that swell and deflate to guide your breathing in and out. Just breathe in when the object gets bigger, and breathe out when the object gets smaller. The melody of the music will also contain higher notes to guide breathing in and lower notes for breathing out.

BRΞATHΞRΞUM is an original idea and will be the first NFT to:

1. Be physically interacted with,

2. Actually reduce fud, fomo and hype, not increase it,

3. Change how you feel.

BRΞATHΞRΞUM aims to raise awareness around maintaining positive mental health in the NFT space. You have the power to make a difference to how you feel.

BRΞATHΞRΞUM will be given away to anyone that experiences the challenges of mental health struggles. BRΞATHΞRΞUM will also be given away to anyone that has been scammed or rug pulled in the NFT space. DM through Twitter to get your free NFT.


12 different pieces of music X 88 different visuals.

There will only ever be 1056 BRΞATHΞRΞUM minted.

Simple Spheres 40 Visuals x 12 Music = 480 Total 45.5%. MINTED

Planets 20V x 12M = 240T 22.8%

Sports Fans 10V x 12M = 120T 11.4%

Space Travelers 8V x 12M = 96T 9%

Hot Air 6V x 12M = 72T 6.8%

Cryptogenesis 4V x 12M = 48T 4.5%



Music Guided Breathing App

BRΞATHΞRΞUM would like to acknowledge and thank the following contributors and Blender 3d artists:


Mario Safina, Mahin Hasan, Pac0arq, 3DMish, Rintaro Akamine, Sir Haian, Chandler Klebs, Flow Art Design, Mozilla Hubs Enterprise, INinja, Alba Gonzalez, Blocked Gravity, Leeiroo3d, Bjorn Mutzel, Adam Ante, Aie Kick, 3Dee, N-, Toni Bois, War Karma, Dee Cube 1, Marco Zakaria, Pizzaz, Tycho Magnetic Anomoly, Noon Collective, Moro Plogo, Enea, Le Fons, Craleigh, End3r, Sucholvdek, MFHScoobyDoo, Sino Medet, Don42, Panoramaar, Luxxeon3D.


Solar Sysytem SCOPE, INOVE, AL-Studios, The Air Blender, Centreus, Gerhald 3d, Typical Duck, Hanimomer, Billy 102, Uperesito, Grey Wolf VFX